Mugen Site Maker

    Mugen Site Maker is an Open Source Freeware that could convert a list of Mugen's characters into a website.
    Mugen is a 2D fighting game engine that let you create your own fighting game. Each character is made of differents files (sound, sprites, states...). To play with them you have to add them to the character list ( simple text document, originaly named 'select.def' ).
    This tool read this 'select.def' and extract the list of available characters in it (testing if they exist or not, eliminate doubles entries...) and then extract from each character some infos and pics to generate a simple website.
    The website is made of two main parts: the index and the character's webpages. Each of them is generated by a simple sample html file with keywords that are substitued with their real values during the generation process. The index show a list of all the characters found in the 'select.def' with yperlink to their web pages. Character's webpages could contain various datas (Author's name, version date, Mugen's version...) and pics (portrait, standing pic...).
    List of usable keywords and advanced configuration, use of this tools is included in the readme.

    Mugen Site Maker is mainly a sub-project of KOF 91 (most of the source code is the same), so it suffer it lakes, for now. This mean especially that some sff (Mugen's sprite format) could not be loaded and crash the application (a litlle percent).